There are times when an individual seeking permanent residency in the United States is denied such an opportunity due to mistakes in the past. Immigration laws are fairly strict when it comes to admissibility. Thus, a person starting the path to citizenship may discover his or her journey ends before it actually begins.

All hope is not lost if you have discrepancies on your record that threaten the possibility of you becoming a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident. You should seek the services of our immigration lawyers at the Law Office of Martin Perez, to help you complete the immigration waiver process.

What is a waiver?

An immigration waiver is a sort of pardon for discrepancies on your record that may threaten your ability to become a permanent resident in the United States. A waiver is by no means an endorsement for wrongdoings committed in the past. Rather, an immigration waiver allows individuals the ability to enter the United States who would otherwise be deemed as inadmissible without any chance of mercy.

What are some reasons for inadmissibility?

One common reason for inadmissibility is unlawful entry. An immigrant who was once deported to his or her home country from the United States may find that he or she is barred from lawfully entering the country in the future. A waiver could pardon the individual’s previous wrongdoing and, in essence, afford him or her a second chance.

Other reasons for a waiver include past criminal behavior whether in the United States or in the individual’s home country which may disqualify an individual from obtaining lawful permanent resident status. If your immigration process requires a waiver for approval of your immigration benefits, it is especially crucial to seek the help of an experienced immigration lawyer, such as you will find at the Law Office of Martin Perez, LLC.

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