The U-Visa opens a door to citizenship for internationals who are victims of major physical or psychological crimes while in the US and are willing to help law enforcement investigate or solve them. Through an extension of this Visa (U-2, U-3, U-4 and U-5), staying privileges can also be issued to qualifying family members of the victim including spouses, parents and unmarried children–including siblings–under 21.

There are stringent criteria that must be met in order to satisfy the conditions of the U-Visa, and only certain types of major crimes are eligible for it. If the Petitioner’s mental or physical harm meets the requirements of the U-Visa, then he or she must be willing to divulge information to investigating authorities to help solve the crime. And, those authorities will formally attest to the applicant’s willingness to do so. Lastly, the Petitioner must be eligible for admission to the US by the standards of current laws governing immigration. Should the Petitioner fail to meet these provisions, he or she must request and receive an exemption, referred to as a Waiver.

If the Petitioner remains in the US for a minimum of three years, he or she may apply for permanent residency. Simultaneously, he or she can apply for a work permit which is eligible for approval after the U-Visa is granted.

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