Removal/Deportation Defense

Immigration continues to be a current topic of discussion in the United States. Even more discussed is the issue of deportation/removal, and how the process is conducted. If you face deportation/removal, you should act quickly to ensure that you are able to exercise all of your rights before being removed from this country. Our immigration law firm in Chicago will represent you in your interactions with ICE, an immigration judge, or any other government official that is involved with your proceedings. Our law office will work on your behalf to use all options available to stop a deportation/removal.

When a person has been deemed deportable/removable, it can be difficult for them to participate in daily life and can make them fear leaving their home. In this current immigration climate, even lawfully admitted immigrants may be afraid of being stopped by ICE agents, arrested, and taken to a detention center. If you are at risk of being deported/removed, you need an immigration lawyer that can advise you of what to do if you are picked up by ICE. Even at the point of being arrested, you still have rights that you are entitled to.

In addition to knowing what to do in the event of an arrest, our immigration lawyers can speak on your behalf in immigration court. They can use evidence to show why you shouldn’t be deported or removed from the United States.

As an immigrant in the United States, it is critical to have legal counsel ready to advise you of what is required, especially if you are at risk of being deported/removed. Immigration laws are constantly changing and an attorney can let you know what those changes can mean for you.

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