There are many rules and regulations associated with obtaining citizenship in the United States, and it is by no means an easy accomplishment. Even for applicants who have followed all legal steps for residency, it can be a struggle being declared an American citizen. There are indeed many benefits to becoming a U.S. citizen, but doing so according to law often requires comprehensive representation from a focused immigration attorney like you will find at the Law Office of Martin Perez, LLC.

Application for Citizenship

An application for citizenship is not the same as a request for legal entry into the United States. Citizenship assignment can often be more complicated and difficult in many respects. The application is very important because all answers become part of the official record and could be used as a technicality for a denial. There are multiple paths to obtaining U.S. citizenship. Assignment of a green card is just the beginning of the complete procedure, and qualifications for full citizenship are often more stringent.

Interview Representation

After all pertinent information is provided with the N-400 form and biometrics have been completed, applicants will receive a notification of an interview appointment. This appointment is crucial to an approval and what you say does matter. Your attorney from our immigration law firm in Chicago can use their expertise to prepare you for the interview and attend the appointment with you as well. Having an attorney handling your citizenship case indicates that you are serious about becoming a U. S. citizen.

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